Andrea Boston
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The Baltimore Museum of Art

As the BMA’s social media manager, my job is to engage and grow the Museum’s digital presence by writing, filming, and publishing content to all social media platforms. I develop content and special projects to drive attendance to exhibitions and programs. I also created and produce Drawn To, a video series that highlights works on view through the eyes of Baltimore-based artists.

Drawn To with Espi Frazier

Baltimore-based artist and educator Espi Frazier explains how her work aligns with the dazzling textiles in the BMA exhibition, Kuba: Fabric of an Empire.

Filmed and edited by Andrea Boston

Drawn To with SHAN Wallace

Which works of art at the BMA draw you in? For the latest episode in the BMA’s series Drawn To, we posed this question to SHAN Wallace. Watch the award-winning photographer, educator, and freedom fighter from East Baltimore discuss her spiritual and artistic connections to the masks, sculptures, and textiles on view in Subverting Beauty: African Anti-Aesthetics.

Filmed and edited by Andrea Boston

Drawn To with Ellen Degenerate

Which works of art are you Drawn To? Artist and curator Ellen Degenerate shares their personal connection to John Waters in the latest episode of our series featuring Baltimore-based artists exploring their favorite works on view.

Filmed by Gregory Brown | Edited by Andrea Boston

Drawn To with TT The Artist

Which works of art in the BMA’s collection are you Drawn To? TT The Artist shares her connection to Jack Whitten in our new series documenting Baltimore-based artists as they explore their favorite works on view. Odyssey: Jack Whitten Sculpture, 1963 - 2017 closes July 29, 2018.

Filmed by Mason Diction Entertainment | Edited by Andrea Boston